by Ana Cedillo, General Manager at Abercrombie & Fitch in China



With the influx of top apparel brands into China’s local fashion scene and the increase of purchases made through online shopping, it can be difficult for stores to catch the attention of fickle customers. Because of this, outlet stores are always looking for strategies to enhance customer experience and help increase the likelihood of clothes to be bought off the shelves.

Join Ana Cedillo, General Manager at Abercrombie & Fitch in China, as she discusses how you can effectively manage a lifestyle brand store in China. Learn about the different roles in the store, from customer service to inventory management, how lifestyle cultural commercial centers affect the buying experience, and how a store’s design and display can help increase foot traffic and sales in your stores.



Ana Cedillo是 Abercrombie&Fitch 在中国地区的总经理,她将就以上问题向大家展示如何在中国高效地经营生活文化品牌商店。你将了解到商店内部的职能分工,从顾客服务到存货管理,生活文化商业中心对消费者的消费体验有何影响,以及商店的设计和商品展示如何增加客流量和销售量。

(This presentation will be in English with Chinese Interpreter)

This workshop will help you:


  • Understand the different roles of the staff: customer service vs. operations
  • 理解店内员工的不同职能:顾客服务vs经营
  • Find balance between management and leadership
  • 寻求管理和领导的平衡
  • Understand different display trends: wall focusing vs. tables and hangers, showrooming
  • 理解商品展示的不同趋势:焦点墙vs展示台,衣架和展示厅
  • Understand the trends  of in-store and online buying in the USA
  • 理解美国的实体店购买和网购的趋势

NextStep, in collaboration with Management Institute and iPAG brings you an interactive session where we will be answering questions about the trends in social shopping in China. This event is available at no cost, but registration is a must so we could reserve a seat for you. 

Speaker: Ana Cedillo, General Manager at Abercrombie & Fitch in China

主讲人:Ana Cedillo       Abercrombie & Fitch中国地区总经理

About Ana :



Ana Cedillo has been in Sales and Marketing since 2009. A graduate of Indiana University Bloomington and Texas State University in San Marcos, she has taken courses in Mass Communications and Visual Arts which has helped her establish her career in the fashion industry and management.

She has worked with Kenneth Cole Productions where she managed visual displays and merchandise that helped generate sales. She also worked with Abercrombie & Fitch as an In-Store Model and Sales Associate, engaging with customers to create an unforgettable in-store experience. She then moved on to work with BCBG Max Azria as a Sales Associate, then to Cultural Strategies as a Project Coordinator Intern, where she further enhanced her skills in research, marketing, visual arts and social media management.

She is currently the General Manager at AberCrombie & Fitch in China, where she continues to pursue her passion in merchandising, marketing, sales and design.

Connect with Ana over Linkedin :


Ana Cellido自2009年来从事于市场销售部。毕业于印第安纳大学博明顿分校和德克萨斯州立大学圣马科斯分校,曾修习大众传播学和视觉艺术,为她在时尚行业和管理事业上的发展打下基础。

曾从事于凯尼斯·柯尔,主管商品的视觉展示和销售,提高产品销量。曾从事于Abercrombie & Fitch,担任商店模特和销售助理,与顾客进行沟通交流,为顾客创造良好的消费体验。后至BCBM Max Azria担任销售助理,以及至Cultural Strategies担任项目协调实习生,这两项经历大大提高了她在调研,销售,视觉艺术和社会化媒体管理方面的能力。

Ana现任Abercrombie&Fitch 在中国地区的总经理,在这里她将继续从事她热爱的营销和设计工作。


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Details about this workshop:

Date: April 17

时间:4月17号,星期日,2:00 pm   

From 2 PM -4 PM

Location: Shanghai Xujiahui campus of Jiatong University

Free Event

(This presentation will be in English with Chinese Interpreter)








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