Filipino entrepreneurs are taking center stage in the country’s rising economy. But entrepreneurs still need resources and communities that they can learn from.


Young entrepreneurs
NextStep’s Head Writer, Herlene Somook and Social Media Manager, Jean Baclit at 8Trimedia

8Trimedia’s radio show EntrepRadio aims to help Filipino entrepreneurs achieve their goals. By providing valuable insights, they empower the country’s young entrepreneurs to pursue their passions.

EntrepRadio: The Voice of the Filipino Entrepreneurs

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EntrepRadio is a program that informs and empowers young and aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs. Pocholo “The VoiceMaster” Gonzales heads the team with his experience as a veteran voice artist, radio broadcaster, internationally-awarded youth advocate, and entrepreneur.

It also showcases Pocholo’s clan of young talents from Youth Entrepreneurship Academy. Hosting the show are Dennis Christopher Sajo, Christine Buenaflor, and Amrei Dizon.

The show has four segments which feature entrepreneurs who share their entrepreneurial journey. It also talks about their passions and gives financial literacy and advice. They also answer questions received from phone, text messages or social media.

Creating Value through Content Marketing

In yesterday’s episode, three panelists talked about effective marketing strategies for SMEs.

First was Jean Beltran, Founder, and CEO of beauty products InstaGlow. Life Coach, Chairman, and CEO of D’ Cup Coffee Republic Adette Purto also graced the show. NextStep Hub’s Head Writer and Content Strategist Herlene Somook also shared her expertise.

Filipino Entrepreneur, Jean Beltran, InstaGlow

Jean Beltran talked about the power of social media and influencer marketing.  She also shared how it helped her grow her brand and social media following.

With PhP4,000 as starting capital, she started sharing her products with friends and families to try. She also shared how she keeps up with trends, and learning about the features of social media platforms. Because of her authenticity and social media engagement, she has grown her line from five to twenty variants.

Check out her beauty line on Facebook here.

Filipino Entrepreneur, Adette Purto

D’ Cup Coffee Republic CEO Adette Purto talked about passion-driven entrepreneurship. The goal is to help entrepreneurs find solutions to other people’s problems through their passions. Starting and managing a business can be difficult. But running a project based on your passion can keep you going, even when the going gets tough.

Coach A also talked about her passion for connecting with people and inspiring them to find their passion. This reflects through her business, D’ Cup Coffee Republic. Unlike other coffee establishments, they encourage their customers to be at the moment. Here you get the chance to reflect and get to know people. With no plugs and no wifi, you go back to the basics and learn the art of conversation.

Check out their awesome cakes and coffee here.

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Herlene Somook talked about the basics of content marketing, and why it is becoming more effective in attracting audiences.

For new entrepreneurs, competing with known brands with deep pockets can be intimidating. Content marketing helps level the game for small businesses through the power of storytelling.

Humans have loved hearing stories since time began, and we tend to remember things if it holds more value for us. Content marketing taps into that love of stories and helps the brand connect with their audiences on a more personal level. Because of this, it builds confidence and trust among your audience.

Content marketing is all about informing, entertaining, and educating your audience. It helps create awareness about your brand and keeps your current market informed. It also promotes your products and services without being intrusive.

Read more about effective marketing techniques here.

Check out the interview below.

What effective marketing strategy did you use to grow your business? Share it with us below.