In this edition of Five Tips Tuesday, beat the monotony of everyday life, and learn how to train your brain to see inspiration in the ordinary.

2. APP News — Google is testing a new app called ‘Trips’ that will make traveling easier. This app could collect and organize all information you need, like boarding passes, money exchange, hotel reservations and rental car bookings. Definitely, something to look forward to for frequent fliers to once-a-year vacationers alike.

3. Marketing Tips — In a sea of small businesses that offer various products and services, it’s difficult to stand out. So what trick does Hollywood use that you can adapt to your business? Create a compelling story from your own experiences.

4. Books — Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the phenomenal book Eat, Pray, Love has written another inspiring book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear which focuses on how to conquer your fears and lead a creative life. Here’s a book review written by Willa Paskin of NY Times.

5. Time Management Tips— As they say, if you are in love with what you are doing, time disappears. Time is a valuable commodity that you cannot take back once it has passed. Question is, what is time to you and what do you spend it on? See how you can make the most of your time.

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