The way we look at food has evolved over the years. Because of this, the food industry has strived to be more creative with how they present their products and services. From deconstruction of recipes to unconventional methods of service, the culinary world continues to raise the bar as they challenge themselves to provide unforgettable experiences for diners who patronize their work.

For the Food Entrepreneur

In this week’s edition of Five Tips Tuesday, we focus on the evolution of dining in China, from restaurants you can use for private dining, to the growing business of food delivery apps, trends in freelancing, tips on how to keep your restaurant afloat for years, and the ultimate list of must-have books for foodies.

1. News – Looks like Alibaba is expanding its reaches into the hospitality business, tagging along with the likes of Baidu and Tencent in investing on a Shanghai-based restaurant reservation and service management app similar to OpenTable. Check it out here.

2. Adventure – Private dining in under-the-radar venues and restaurants is becoming a rising trend in Shanghai. Here are some details on how you can book them for your next private gathering.

3. Trends – Freelancers now make up one-third of the US’ labor force, and the numbers continue to rise all around the world. This transformation shows how much the values of professionals have changed over the years, prioritizing flexibility over job stability. See how you can use this trend to your advantage.

4. Management Tips – It is most common to see new restaurants go belly up after a year in the business, but what happens when you get past the 365-day mark? Gino Ferraro talks about how to keep your business afloat with these eight lessons he learned while running his resto for 31 years and counting.

5. Booklist – Stack up your bookshelves with these must-haves for the food lover. From Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential to Jaques Pepin’s The Apprentice, see what books you need to add to your foodie library.

Got more to add to our list? We’d love to hear from you!. Take a look at previous issues of Five Tips Tuesday by visiting our blog.



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