It’s time for our lucky number four issue of the Friday Five by Purple Spread.

This week we will open your eyes to the bible of sales books, a darling Kickstarter gone awry, and a few other tips to get you thinking about how you may launch your crowdfunding campaign. Here you go…

 1) It’s always daunting to reach out to media, this tool makes it easier:

You have the perfect story to pitch for your upcoming launch, but you just don’t know who you should be pitching, well let HARO help you out. Become a “Source”, and receive the daily newsletter, and you may be holding onto the golden ticket for a reporter in need. Get signed up today. >>

2) A video you must watch and learn from:

Sometimes we are so passionate about the product we’ve made, that we can’t wait to tell everyone about. This is the case for so many project founders when they create their crowdfunding video, and they forget to build the story behind the project, they forget to communicate their purpose, and why backers should support them. The NEBIA shower founders hold out for nearly sixty seconds before they spill the beans. Watch, take notes, and find a way to use this for your own video storyboard. >>

3) The ongoing saga that continues to disappoint many:

Two years ago the Coolest Cooler team exploded onto the scene with their successful and record-breaking Kickstarter project. Fast forward two years and thousands of backers still have yet to receive their cooler. Why? Because the CC team failed to accurately price their reward structure. Setting rewards is not some hocus-pocus black magic. You must understand your true manufacturing BOM, and of course your own in-house P/L. Take a look at this update from the team they released ten days ago and reposted on Scribd. >>

4) Is this really the next Tesla of e-bikes…? The Indiegogo community seems to think so:

The FLUX has about a week left in its campaign and has just passed the half million dollar mark. It’s not the best example of a strong campaign page or video, but it does show us how projects can ride the rising tide of trends for product segments. Have a look at what may be the future of e-bikes. >>

5) We went back to the old-school bookshelf again this week:

The best sales people on the planet are the greatest storytellers. Look no further than the “Bible” for sales people, “The Greatest Salesman in the World”, to get the power of a story to communicate a singular message. If you’ve never read this book by Og Mandino, then get on Amazon right now. >>

It’s the weekend. Have some fun with it!

Courtesy of Purple Spread, Crowdfunding Gurus 


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