Struggle and handling discomfort is part of life. Most of us react differently when we reach our limits. Some prefer to sulk and wallow, while others stick it out and grow from it. But handling discomfort isn’t something that you have to avoid or to reject. When handled well, it will help make you better, stronger and eventually even happier. Discomfort signifies that change is happening, and whether good or bad, it all depends on how you are willing to adjust.

How to Get Comfortable with Discomfort, Five Tips Tuesday

This week’s Five Tips Tuesday will let you know how you can get comfortable with discomfort. Here we have an article to help you get through the rough patches and how it can lead to your success. Read what Science says about comfort zones and how you can adapt better when you finally choose to step out of it. See how you could choose a mindfulness app that will fit your needs. Get access to a website that increases your focus. Also, get a copy of the best-selling classic by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale on how positive thinking can boost your confidence and do things you think you couldn’t.

1. Article – Taking risks and facing the unknown is essential to success. But stepping out of your comfort zone is the first step you need to take if you want success. Whether it’s for career or personal life, we all have to go through changes to make it work. See how you could do better with change and discomfort with this article from

2. App – Mindfulness apps have been causing some hype recently. It is said that it’s supposed to help you manage stress levels, increase focus and work like magic so you could do better. But is it really worth it? See how you can find the right app for you here.

3. Management Tips – So finally, you took a step out of the ordinary to become extraordinary. What’s next? Before hitting the panic button, check out this article from Lifehacker. See why it’s natural to be anxious about changes and what Science says you can do about it.

4. Website –Here’s a website that helps you be more comfortable with discomfort. Listen to the sounds that will help you relax and still being productive at work. Focus at will lets you do just that. Learn how you could make better use of your time and stop procrastinating at work.

5. Book –The mind can play tricks on your body. In essence, this book tells you that your will is the most important element in pushing your comfort threshold. Norman Vincent Peale’s philosophy of positive thinking can still come very useful although it was published almost three decades ago. Surely, there’s much that you can learn through this book. Get it in paperback, on Kindle or listen to an audio version through Amazon.

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