A Structured Workshop on Empowering Teams towards Self-Management and Self-Leadership   

All organizations need a hierarchy in order to function well. The distribution of roles and tasks enable each member of the organization to maximize their skills and contribute to the growth of the business. Traditional structures can, however, hinder the growth of its members because of bureaucratic red tape, resulting in the stagnation of process improvement and possible loss of opportunities for the individual and the company.

Holacracy Spark

NextStep in partnership with Holacracy® presents you with a new Social Technology for structuring, governing and running organizations. It fundamentally changes how decisions are made and how power is distributed, moving organizations and individuals towards self-management and self-leadership. If you or your team is looking for an alternative Operating System for your organization to be more agile, responsive, clear, productive and effective whilst improving employee engagement, then this workshop would fit you best.

Workshop Take Aways:

  • Get to know what Holacracy ® is and why it’s called an alternative “Social Technology”
  • Learn about an alternative way of distributing power and decision making among your team
  • Learn how to set a clearer structure that encourages autonomy in your employees
  • Understand how dynamic roles can replace static job descriptions and encourage creativity in your team

About Cyrille Jégu

Holacracy Spark

Cyrille is passionate about helping others maximize their potential.  Specializing in training, coaching and mentoring, he is certified in different productivity and organizational management processes. He is a certified Best Year Yet Coach, Tipping Point Practitioner, a UseClark Master Trainer and is currently the only Certified Holacracy® Facilitator in Asia. He is also a certified GTD® Master Trainer and Coach, exclusively representative of the David Allen Company in Greater China. After a career in Utilities and Financial Services, Cyrille has been Training, Coaching and Consulting across Europe and Asia for the last 6 years on various subjects such as Evolutionary and Agile Business, Sustainable Business, Circular Economy, Change Management and Social Entrepreneurship.

Cyrille is also co-founded and managed organizations like Blue Planet Life and Grand Union Community Energy, Ltd, and speaks five languages, which included French, English, and Slovak.

Connect with him on LinkedIn: https://hk.linkedin.com/in/cyrillejegu

Details about the Workshop

Date: June 21, 2016
From 9 AM to 11:00 AM
Location: Shanghai Xintiandi Area

Price: 280 RMB (Early Bird Rate very limited) / 350 RM (On-site Registration)
Email: info@nextstep-workshops.com

Visit us on the Web: www.nextstep-workshops.com

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