A few months ago, I wrote a tutorial on how I created a website in 24 hours that works in China.

This article went around and at some good reach. But a few months have already passed and since then, the Strikingly team has been working hard to improve their services’ features.

Today, they offer more designs and customization options for your website, as well as themes and layouts for the blog section.

One of the best and most important upgrades, for me at least, is the possibility of having a multi-page website since Strikingly have started as a scroll-down / one-page landing page.

So let’s talk about these updates and let’s push it further with a few more tips to finalize your website’s design.

Being an entrepreneur means that you have a lot of ideas that you’d like to test as fast as possible at a limited price. The good thing is that there are more options to use, like Wix and Strikingly. But since I’m located in Shanghai, China, I would also need a solution that works where I am. I find that Strikingly works best because it is not blocked in China. They have also developed SXL.Cn but with a few specific options in the App store and the Shop Section.

Sign up with to Strikingly with this link and get a free month of subscription on Strikingly, which includes premium features. This free version offers enough tools for you to work on your landing page and start building your email list for future clients and followers.

Here’s a preview of Strikingly’s fees and features.

Strikingly Pricing - by NextStep

Want to see what your website will look like? Check out some websites I’ve done using Strikingly:

  • Nextstep Workshops – helps entrepreneurs and managers through professional workshops
  • Nextstep Consulting – a consulting firm to  help entrepreneurs do business in China
  • Gomilu.com – a French guide book for living in Shanghai
  • Managers Abroad – a podcast interview series where managers share their experiences in doing business in China

Get inspired with what others are doing by clicking on “Discover” on the top of the page.

Let’s start now

Navigating the back end system is simple. You can easily add sections and personalize your landing page in a few clicks. After signing up, just pick one of the templates and change it anytime.

Strikingly Template options by NextStep
Strikingly Backend menu by NextStep

Originally, Strikingly was made to build one-pagers only. But a few months ago, they offered the possibility to build a multi-page website for Pro accounts and this is where it gets interesting.

Here’s a few pointers when creating multi-page websites:

– The name of the sections in the menu will now be replaced by the name of the pages.

– Some sections are usable only once like the blog section for example.

– You are limited to 10 pages.

Strikingly Multi Pages menu by NextStep

You can customize your webpage easily using background images, logos and such. Videos are also offered for free.

Strikingly Photos Videos Library by NextStep

You can also integrate other apps like Facebook, Google or Baidu Maps, Soundcloud, Typeform and Mailchimp into your websites using the Strikingly App Store.

Strikingly App Store by NextStep

For the techie, Strikingly also has an “HTML” entry that will allow you to use other codes (from Constant Contact instead of MailChimp for example).

Strikingly HTML section by NextStep

The blog section has evolved a lot too and is now looking really good. You can also integrate contact form from MailChimp, and a comment section using Disqus.

Strikingly Blog layout by NextStep

And if you’d like to use your website to sell your products and services using Stripe or Paypal, they got you covered too with the Shop Section.

Strikingly Shop payment options by NextStep

You can also use SXL.cn which you can use with local tools like Allipay and in the future, WeChat. (crossing fingers)

SXL.cn store options and payments by NextStep

Strikingly also allows you to be more creative with a “Make your own section”, where you can design your own formats using the tools they have available.

Strikingly DIY "Make Your Own Section" by NextStep

That’s how easy it is to create your landing page using Strikingly! However, we understand that there’s still the matter of designing banners, logos and other design materials so we want to give a bit more…

Need help in creating cool banners, logos and other design materials for your website? Check out these bonus tips :

You can easily use Picmonkey.com to create a good looking logo, but we think Canva.com offers a lot more. With ready-to-use formats for materials you need like banners, avatars and other graphics for your Facebook page, Instagram posts, Canva.com will definitely become your go-to-tool for your graphics and images.

Canva has selected formats and themes that are easy to use and will help you be more creative with what you want to do. And don’t forget, start simple, get the ball rolling, and get your service or products out there. If your logo is as clear as your brand, this is good enough for you to generate your first sale!

Canva.com backend by NextStep
Canva.com backend by NextStep

What else can be done with your new website?

  • Add Google Analytics UI to track your audience
  • Build your database with SumoMe by adding the code on the Header part of your website in Settings
  • Add “Share” buttons for easy sharing of your website/post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms
  • Add external links to your pages in the top menu bar of your website to Facebook, pages or forums

Find out more tips for our upcoming project, NextStep Bootstrapping Tips, launching soon!

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