Nowadays it’s easier to connect with your audience through social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has changed how brands engage with their followers. Because of this, marketing agencies and social media managers need to create a social media calendar to ensure that they are bringing quality content to their audiences, that resonate their values and messages.

So how do you start a social media calendar?

1. Set your goals

Set SMART goals

SMART objectives and goals help make it easier for you to come up with strategies for your brand. Are you pushing for brand awareness? Do you want to get more followers? Are you selling a new product? Clear, concise goals help determine how you are going to measure the success of your campaign.

2. Get to know your audience.

Get to know your audience

You can check out the data that’s already available in your profiles. For Facebook, you can see how your audience is reacting to your posts based on Facebook Insights. Check out how your tweets are doing through Twitter Analytics. Google even provides you with data about your website through Google Analytics. You can also read up on upcoming trends in social media to help you narrow down your target audience.

3. Create a strategy based on your audience’s interest, attitudes and opinions

Create a strategy based on your audience's interests, attitudes and opinions

Understand what your audience’s interests are. It will be easier to determine what kind of content you will share, and the frequency of sharing you will need. You and your team can now decide on what type of content you want to share. Here are some popular types of content:

a. Infographics

b. Interactive content

c. Listicles

d. Educational Articles

e. Product Reviews

f. Interviews

4. Choose content that resonates with your brand identity

Choose content that resonates with your brand's identity

It’s easier to choose your content when you understand your audience. But, you don’t just share content because it’s going viral, or it just suits your mood. The content you share must be in line with your company values and brand identity. Websites like Feedly and Buzzsumo can help you find hundreds of content that you can share. This helps you hours of wandering through the web searching for the right post.

5. Schedule your content

Posting real time is great. But it also helps to schedule posts and free your time to do other things. Apps like Buffer and Hootsuite come in handy, which schedule and publish for you in its optimal time. It also helps to create a social media calendar so you and your team won’t guess what’s coming up next. This you can do for free using Google Calendar or Trello which can be personalized according to your campaign.

Social media is a powerful venue which can be used to your advantage. With the right tools, it can help attract the right people to your business. But remember if content is king, then engagement must be queen. Listening to your audience’s feedback and respond to them in a timely manner. When you get the right mix, it’s going to be the perfect combination.

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