In the age of social media, employees have become a crucial part of promoting businesses and brands, that their experience and valuation of the company can greatly affect how consumers view products and services. Because of this, acquiring the right talents and building a positive company culture has become a priority for most human resource teams. Join us as we learn from Jerel Bonner, founder of Sharpening Axes, the importance of creating brand ambassadors out of your employees, and get a deeper understanding of how you can maximize social media platforms in scouting for the best talents to get the job done.

The aim of this workshop is to help entrepreneurs and business managers define Talent Key Branding and create a Talent Branding Plan that will attract the right talent for the team. Jerel discussed how teams can maximize social media channels such as LinkedIn in scouting for and reviewing candidates. He also talked about how to align and manage your company’s social media profile pages to maximize their impact online.

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