Good management and effective leadership are both important to success.

Most people think that leadership requires giving out instructions or pushing people around. While this might be the case at times, true leadership requires you to bring out the best in people. As a leader, you are required to know your team’s individual skills. It is also necessary for you to challenge them and help them explore the unfamiliar to get better results.

Tips to improve your management skills

This week on Five Tips Tuesday, we will share some tips that can help you improve your management skills.

Find out how the CEO of Popeyes used servant leadership to save the restaurant chain.

Learn the importance of giving proper feedbacks.

Take a look at the apps that can help you manage your remote staff.

And lastly, check out the podcast and book that will inspire you to be the best leader.

1. Leadership

A servant leader puts his energy in serving others first, not in increasing his own power.

The priority of a servant leader is to encourage, support, and help his team unlock their full potential.

When Cheryl Bachelder became the CEO of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, the company was struggling. Now, the restaurant has a market cap of $1.4 billion. Cheryl admits that being fired from KFC was her humbling moment. That experience helped her came up with new strategies. She decided to be a servant leader and chose to serve the franchise owners of Popeyes. Find out how she did it.

2. Management Tips

A manager’s feedback can make or break an employee’s performance

Employees like to hear feedback, especially positive ones. It motivates them, inspires them to do better, and improves their performance. Yet many managers don’t think that giving positive feedback is part of their job. Managers should be quick to criticize and also quick to praise.

Check out this article and learn why managers should learn how to give proper feedback.

3. Apps

Monitoring the progress of your team is essential, but it can be a challenge for remote workers. With the help of right apps, keeping up with your staff’s productivity will be easier. Here’s a list of entrepreneurs sharing their favorite apps helping them keep their employee’s productivity at par.

4. Podcast

Looking for leadership inspirations? Check outRichard Rierson’s podcasts, Dose of Leadership. Here, he interviews today’s relevant leaders and talks to entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, and authors. Get the best tips on positive influence, how to better engage with your team, lead above the noise, and other topics here.

5. Book

Nothing beats the classic.

The Effective Executive was published in 1967, yet the lessons it gives are still relevant today. In this book, Peter Drucker reminds us that the measure of an executive is the ability to “get the right things done.”

According to Drucker, there are five important practices to achieve effectiveness. Learn how to make effectiveness a habit and how consistency can drive you and your team to the results you want. Get it on Amazon today.

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