The secret to developing a strong business in China is all about picking the right team for the job. Each person in the organization plays an important role, especially if you’re seeking to create a positive work environment and limiting employee turnover.  For most companies, internship programs present a win-win situation for employers and the interns.  But how can bringing in and developing current students as interns, actually help you achieve your talent expansion and skill set development goals?

In this two hour workshop, Bradley A. Feuling will be discussing how an effective internship program can provide your current team with opportunities to expand their skill sets through people management. Brad will also be introducing creative strategies to help companies identify strong candidates for internship, and also explain how they can be utilized to foster a fun work environment.

This workshop will help you:

  • Identify ways to build a strong internship program and find strong intern candidates
  • Offer ideas on how to increase team productivity while also creating a fun work environment
  • Create skill set development opportunities for your current team
  • Build a pipeline for team expansion and reduce time for talent identification

About Brad

The Power of Interns

For over ten years, Bradley A. Feuling has been engaged in early stage ventures having worked with more than 50 start-up companies, including the founders of, Hat World Inc. (known as Lids) and JAND Inc. (known as Warby Parker). At the age of 25, Feuling moved to China to officially begin his own entrepreneurial pursuit co-founding Kong and Allan Consulting, which was twice named the Best Supply Chain Partner in Asia. In 2011, Feuling was a Keynote Speaker at the Journal of Business and Leadership Annual Conference and in 2013 a Keynote Speaker at the University of Akron’s China Week. In 2008, Feuling was featured on CCTV International’s Up Close and in 2013, on CCTV News’ Crossover. Feuling is currently the CEO of the Kong and Allan Group and Chairman and CEO of the Asia Institute.

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Details about this workshop:

Date: April 26
From 9 AM to 11 AM
Location: XNODE Jing’An

Price: 350 RMB / pers (Book your seat using WeChat) but thanks to our sponsors we have a few discounted tickets at an early bird rate of 200 RMB. Sign-up now!

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