As children, we were easily amazed at what goes on around us. We were insatiably curious, readily absorbing new knowledge that came our way. Time passed by and we learned how things work, then we became jaded. The world lost its magic, and what used to be a treasury of wonders is now black, white and gray.

This week, let’s bring back our childlike love of learning with the help of apps and resources so we could rediscover the wonders of our world.

Keep your sense of Wonder

1. Must Read – By now you probably know that time stops for no one, so it’s best that we put it to good use. Andrew Savikas tells us about how we can build good learning habits every day.

2. Video – Adam Grant talks about how he missed the investment of a lifetime and how to spot original thinkers in a crowd. Check out this Ted Talk on how to come up with your own original ideas.

3. Adventure – Delve into the artistry of 52 different Chinese craftsmen as they showcase their work at Minsheng Art Museum. Check out how you can get tickets here.

4. Apps – Like every part of our body, the brain also needs some amping up. Here are five free apps to keep your mind as sharp as a tack.

5. Reading List– Want to train your brain to come up with more creative ideas? Michael Michalko’s book “Thinkertoys” discusses ingenious creative-thinking techniques for approaching problems unconventionally. Download this revised edition on Kindle here.

Got more to add to our list? We’d love to hear from you!. Take a look at previous issues of Five Tips Tuesday by visiting our blog.



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