How do you get past the noise in social media? How do you get your content to go viral? How do you convert your website visitors to become loyal customers? These are questions that every content manager asks. While the trends and techniques on how to create content is continuously changing, one thing still remains the same: authenticity is still king. What we as entrepreneurs have to understand is that we are offering solutions to our client’s problems. So if you want to attract customers, the first thing to do is know who you are and what you offer, and then come up with resources to help them find the solutions to their concerns. That is what content marketing should be.

How to Make an Awesome Content Strategy for your Brand

This week on Five Tips Tuesday, get a load on how to create a winning social media strategy for your brand this year. Learn how you can exceed your limits and become truly unstoppable with achieving your goals. See the trends you can try and include in your digital marketing strategy. Check out copywriting tips from Neil Patel, one of the top influencers in the content marketing world. See upcoming events in your country with Hootsuite’s social media events calendar for the first quarter of the year, and check out how to weed out trolls and fakers in your posts’ comment sections.

1. Management Tips – Some of us are already good at what we do. But what if you can become greater than great? What if you can take away your limits and push for excellence? See how you can dare to be unstoppable this year with these tips from

2. Marketing Trends – Want to know what to watch out for in creating your digital marketing strategy this year? Check out tips from Social Media Today on how you can amp up your social media presence and attract more people towards your business.

3. Writing Tips – Content creation can be tricky, especially when you’re competing with other brands to get your audience’s attention. So how do you get heard above all the noise in social media? Trust Social Media Influencer Neil Patel and the techniques he has learned from ten years of blogging to give you the results you want.

4. Events – Here’s a list of social media conferences to watch out for this 2017. One event in particular is, which will be happening in Shanghai on March 30 to 31. See how you can get more details and reserve a seat.

5. Book List – One of the hardest things a social media manager goes through is reading through the comments section of their posts. Whether good or bad, there’s always a nugget of wisdom you can pick up from reading comments which can change the way you run your business. Joseph Reagle Jr. talks about how you can maximize these golden nuggets of wisdom and weed out the fakers on the net. Definitely a must read for marketers, so get your copy now.

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