With 800 Million subscribers on WeChat, it’s easy to see why marketers are clamoring to introduce their brands through WeChat marketing.

International brands are also vying for this option. But it’s a challenge getting through to the audience in China, especially with the culture and language barrier.

Kawo manages Wechat and Weibo account

Enter Kawo, a platform that makes planning, scheduling and posting content on WeChat and Weibo.

Kawo is simple and easy to use. It also provides valuable insight to help you understand which content works best while keeping your team in the loop.

Whether you are a brand who wants to get into the ‘Great Firewall’ or an agency managing brands, Kawo has designed the right solution for your content management needs for Weibo and WeChat.

Kawo Logo

Kawo was founded in 2013 by serial entrepreneur Andrew Collins (founder of the Mailman Group) and co-founder Alex Duncan, with the goal to make it easier for brands to enter the Chinese market through social media.

At first, they offered translation services, allowing global brands to simulate their tweets through China’s Weibo. Slowly, they pivoted towards servicing small businesses. Then they became the go-to destination for social media management.

The founders were inspired to create a complete management tool which included basic scheduling, publishing, and inspirations for posts.

The Kawo team continued to improve their products and services, including features like Kawo Protect. This lets you know when you use sensitive words or sentences in relation to China’s censorship, as well as links that don’t work on the mainland.

They also started offering deals to startups and recently added ‘Intelligent Scheduling’ for Weibo.

NextStep’s Content Marketing Solutions help businesses and entrepreneurs launch their brands by creating posts and articles that get published on social media, specifically on WeChat. We also offer Chinese translations for this content, and we thought it would be the best opportunity to try out Kawo’s features.

And they didn’t disappoint.

Here’s what we found out when we used Kawo.

1.They act fast.

Kawo understands how precious time is. Their goal is to maximize your time so you could use it to do better things. This rings true in all they do.

I sent an email to Kawo last January 31st to ask for a demo of how it works. On the same day, I got an email from Desree, who asked further questions about our needs. Her email also included a video link that talks about Kawo’s highlights and features.

There was no fancy voice over, no pitch on how to make your company great.

It was just a no-frills instructional video of how to create posts, how communication works on the platform, and how to access stats and insights with just a click of a button.

In less than three minutes, I was sold.

See for yourself.

2. They give a personal touch

While most product demos are limited to instructional videos, Kawo goes for the personal touch instead.

Kawo offers two options for the demos: office visits if you are in the area and skype calls if you’re not.

You can also choose to have the demo either in English or Chinese.

I work remotely, so I chose to do the conference with Desree. It went pretty well. I loved that she discussed the features, gave examples and also entertained every question I had.

She was also very attentive to us even after the demo.

She assisted us in setting up and connecting our WeChat account to Kawo and gave me valuable tips while I was creating our first WeChat post.

Now that’s high-quality service!

3. They deliver their promise

The team wasn’t kidding when they said Kawo cuts your work time in half.

KAWO Platform

The interface was so simple and easy to use. The platform has four tabs that direct you to different uses:

  • Inspirations – here you can view your posts on other social media platforms, see what you’ve posted in the past and gives you an idea of what you can add to your content.
  • Planning – this is the content calendar made simple. Here you can add campaigns and schedules, and it also has a built-in schedule of events and holidays that can help you prepare accordingly.
  • Reporting – this tab shows your account’s statistics: followers, number of previews and shares, as well as articles you have.
  • Search- this option shows you articles according to tags. It also shows which tags and topics are doing well, which are categorized according to color codes.

In the past, we used to create drafts for WeChat on Xiumi, which creates great graphics and templates for WeChat posts.

But this process was also tedious and time-consuming. One needed to wait for the other to finish before a post could be published.

With Kawo, creating a post was as easy as uploading photos and posting content. Kawo also provides a ‘Read More’ bar at the bottom of the page which makes it easy to include links to the post.

Now, all I have to do is ask for approval, then schedule the post, leaving both of us with more time to spend on other important tasks.

Learn more about Kawo’s scheduling suggestions here.

See how Kawo can help you spread your content on WeChat.

Schedule a demo today.

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