Managers Abroad get the privilege of interviewing Greg Prudhommeaux, serial entrepreneur and founder of NextStep Workshops, an online and offline platform for continuous learning to help entrepreneurs and business managers get the best out of and accelerate their careers.

Greg Prudhommeaux, Founder of NextStep

Inspired by his innate curiosity and the concept of Guanxi in China, Greg, together with his co-founder Joe Constanty, started setting up networking events to help connect local and foreign businesses in 2007. Within three years, NextStep organized more than 300 events and helped build the local business community in Shanghai. Greg then moved forward to work with ALTIOS helping international Inbound and Outbound businesses set up base in China.

In January 2016, NextStep gets a reboot, this time as an online and offline platform where entrepreneurs, managers, and businesses can go to for their learning needs. From soft skills like managing time and finding a work-life balance to management skills such as balancing sheets and increasing sales, NextStep helps connect experts to individuals and teams who would like to improve their skills and advance their business.

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