Overcoming failure

A talk with like-minded entrepreneurs to push you to move forward by Joe CONSTANTY from The UT Lab

March 24

The fear of failure is quite common in people. Mistakes, no matter how small, can make us feel demoralized and inadequate. Failure is also two-pronged and can be used as a learning tool or motivation. Join us as serial entrepreneur and Kickstarter expert, Joe Constanty, co-founder at The UTLab, discusses how failure can sometimes be a good thing that can lead you to your next best thing.


You will learn

  1. The causes and signs of fear of failure
  2. Techniques on problem-solving and quick thinking
  3. The importance of networking in setting up a business
  4. Strategies and tips on how to overcome failure

About Joe

Joe Constanty from The UT Lab

Serial entrepreneur, Joe Constanty , has spent more than ten years in China creating companies under his belt and serving as an advisor to many China-based lifestyle brands.

He is a Firestarter and is passionate about connecting people and building incredible brand stories. Like all of us, he also had his share of failures; one the size of a mini-golf course. But instead of letting it dampen his spirits, he and his team decided to have a beer and think of their next strategy.

This led to the concept of the most successful entrepreneurial networking community in Shanghai, NextStep Shanghai, and later on paved the way for him to create the most funded footwear in the history of Kickstarter.com, The UT Lab.

Connect with Joe: https://cn.linkedin.com/in/josephconstanty

Details about this workshop

Date : March 24 (TBC)

From: 9 am to 11 am

Location: TBC (Shanghai Downtown area)

Price: 100 RMB / pers (Early bird) or 200 RMB / pers (At the door)

(Including beverages and snacks)

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