A top-notch LinkedIn profile can help you bag your target job.

With over 500 million users and 10 million job postings, LinkedIn is the ultimate platform for job seekers. However, the competition to get noticed gets tighter each day. Despite its many users, you can still stand out by optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

Linkedin profile how-to

Here are some tips on how to create a LinkedIn profile that stands out from the crowd.
Keep SEO in mind

There’s no point being on LinkedIn if you can’t be found. That’s why it’s important to craft an SEO-friendly profile.

Use keywords strategically. A profile with a well-distributed set of keywords can increase your chance to appear in search results. Create a killer headline using keywords, and place them as well in your profile summary and job title. Remember to use them naturally and smartly in your sentences.

Upload your photo

Your LinkedIn profile has 21 times more chances to get viewed if you add your picture.

Upload a clean and professional looking profile picture. Since your clients won’t meet you face-to-face, their first impression on you will be based on your photo.

If you have no time to visit a professional photographer, use LinkedIn’s photo editing tools and filters. This new feature can beautify and transform even your selfies and cropped photos. Also, LinkedIn provided key tips on how you can get your profile photo right.

  • Dress like you got the job.
  • Find a simple background.
  • Use the camera you already have, even your smartphone.
  • Ask a family or friend to take your photo.
  • Choose natural light.

Another tool you can use is Photofeeler. It gives you an unbiased feedback if you look smart, friendly, or influential.

Tell your story

Share your story by filling out the Summary and Experience sections.

Think about your prospective clients when writing your profile summary. Imagine you’re face-to-face with them and convincing them to hire you. Emphasize how you’re going to help them and how your skills will benefit their company. Include your biggest achievements in this section as well.

In the Experience field, consider using rich content. Employers like looking at proofs of your accomplishments. Create a visual portfolio and include relevant images, videos, or other documents. You can also add relevant sites, like your blog or online portfolio. This will help you communicate your strengths and assets.

Remember to include your volunteer experiences, too. These help your personal brand and paint your individuality. According to LinkedIn, 42% of managers said they see volunteer experience equal to work experience. In addition, 1 in 5 managers has chosen a candidate based on volunteer experience.

Linkedin profile infographic

Showcase your skills

Listing down your skills will help you flaunt your strength and personal brand. Put your main skill on the top of the list. Also, endorsements are powerful. They validate your skills and make your profile impressive.

To get endorsements or recommendations, you can ask your connections by sending them personal messages. Another great way is endorsing the skills of others.

Build your network

The more connected you are, the more people will find you. A large network can also open more doors for you.

Build your core network by connecting with your personal advocates; your family and friends. Then reach out to your fellow alumni, past classmates, or teachers.

Joining groups related to your niche will also introduce you to more connections. It’s the best place to find people whose interests align with yours. You can also sharpen your knowledge here and build new professional relationships.

Engaging with your connections is important as well. Like, comment, or share your connections’ posts and converse with them.

Curate and create valuable content

This is your opportunity to show prospective clients what you can offer. Create or share content that can help them and your connections. Your content should reflect and fit your expertise and your target employer.

For example, if you’re aiming to be part of a marketing industry, write an article about the pain points of people in that industry.

Make it a goal to update your status at least once a day. According to recent stats, it takes at least 20 posts per month to reach 60% of your LinkedIn audience.

Consider when is the best time to post. LinkedIn updates during 10am-2pm (EST) usually get the most shares.

Customize your public profile URL and share it

In changing your profile URL, it’s recommended to use a variation of your name and your personal brand. Custom URLs are available on a first come, first served basis.

To change your public profile URL, simply click the ‘Me’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. Tap ‘View Profile’, then “Edit your public profile’. You’ll see the section ‘Edit public profile URL’ in the right rail. Click the edit icon and type in your new URL.

You can also promote your profile by adding a LinkedIn View Profile button to your blog or website. Just go to ‘Public Profile’ page and click ‘Create a public profile badge’.

Do you have handy tips you want to share about enhancing LinkedIn profiles? Tell us in the comments!

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