Mentoring is such a powerful tool. With just a few words, a few instructions or a few minutes can help change a person’s perspective of themselves and unleash the untapped potential that they have within them. It’s also one of the best things you can do as an entrepreneur and as a person, to pay it forward by sharing the lessons you have learned and helped others achieve their goals.

This week’s Five Tips Tuesday is focused how mentoring can help change lives because you don’t need superpowers to help others be a better version of themselves.

1. Leadership — Movies have always inspired us with stories of perseverance and resilience, two traits you need to be a better leader and entrepreneur. Here’s a list of 8 movies that can help make you a better leader as listed by Fast

2. Personal Growth— Finding a mentor isn’t as daunting as it seems. Carolyn Massenga, one of the most powerful women in Accounting redefines mentoring and how simple it is to find one, if only you have the guts to come up and ask the first question.

3. Events — Want to learn something new but don’t have time to attend workshops? The HubSpot Academy is running a World Certification week, where you can get access to inspiring and educational talks through Google Hangouts

4. Business Partnerships — Having a business partner can either make or break your start up. That’s why it’s necessary to set up ground rules before you start any business.

5. Books — Robert Ringer writes this best seller about coming out victorious and making the best out of intimidating situations. It’s easy to get intimidated with people and situations at work and in life, but don’t let it take away the opportunities that come.

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