The scorching heat can be cruel to your personal productivity. While summer means hitting the beach to most people, for entrepreneurs and freelancers, it can be a different story.

personal productivity summer

Since summer is just around the corner, we’ll give you simple yet effective ways to beat the heat and keep you up and running.

1. Work at optimal temperature.

Temperature has a great effect on your productivity. According to a research by Helsinki University and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, your performance increases with temperature up to 21-22 Celsius (69.8-71.6 Fahrenheit). Your highest productivity is at the temperature of around 22 Celsius (71.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Assure that the room temperature is just right. If it’s too cold, your body will spend energy to keep you warm, making less energy available for concentration and work.

personal productivity workplace

Tip: Stay cool while working in front of your laptop with a USB desk fan. It’s light, convenient, and practical.

2. Stay hydrated.

Dehydration can cause dizziness, sleepiness, and fatigue. Because you lose more fluids than the usual during the summer, it’s vital to drink plenty of water. Avoid drinking coffee, tea, and alcohol as much as possible since it drains your body of the necessary fluids.

personal productivity hydrate

Tip: Not fond of chugging down lots of water? You can stay hydrated by eating summer fruits like:

· Watermelon
· Zucchini
· Tomatoes
· Oranges
· Apples
· Pears
· Blackberries and raspberries
· Peaches

3. Change scenes.

Mobility is one of the greatest benefits of being a freelancer/entrepreneur.

When you’re feeling the heat, bring your laptop with you out of the house. Choose a cool and relaxing place. It can be a quiet coffee shop, at the park, or at the beach.

Can’t get out of the house? Spruce up your desk and shake up your workspace. Declutter your work area. Being surrounded by clutter slows you down. Clear your workspace to give your productivity an extra kick.

personal productivity change workstation

Tip: If you’re managing a team, take them out for a change of work environment. You can plan a picnic lunch or bring them to a cozy co-working space. Organize a “declutter your desk” day and let your team tidy their desks.

4. Start your day early.

Begin your tasks while the weather is cooler. It’s better if you will accomplish the big tasks first. Your energy level usually drops when the temperature rises.

personal productivity schedule

Tip: Try to write a journal entry before proceeding to your everyday tasks. It doesn’t have to be perfect. For ten minutes or less, write everything that comes to your mind. It can be your to-do list for the day, simple thoughts, anything. This will clear your mind and boost your productivity.

5. Exercise.

We are all aware of the benefits of exercising. Aside from keeping you fit, it also improves your memory and concentration. Begin your day with a little stretching or running. If it’s too hot outside, hit the gym and sign up for boxing, Zumba or Pilates.

personal productivity exercise

Tip: Meditation has huge benefits on your physical and mental health. It can reverse early memory loss and make you sharper. A twenty-minute meditation every day is already enough.

If you haven’t done it before, here’s how.

· Choose a background music that isn’t too loud or grabs your attention. Don’t pick your favorite pop or rock song. It should be relaxing, calm, and smooth. Apple Music and Spotify both have playlists dedicated to meditating.

· Sit quietly and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing.

· Try to think about nothing while you breathe in and out.

6. Take mini breaks.

Sitting at your desk for long hours affects your mental capacity and performance. If it’s possible, take a five or ten-minute break every hour. Leave your desk for a moment and go for a walk, or grab a snack.

personal productivity break

Tip: Schedule your short workouts as mini-breaks. Do a little stretching and rest your eyes. Make sure your break will only last for 15 minutes. If it gets longer, your focus and motivation will go straight to the bin.

7. Go on a vacation.

As they say, you sometimes you have to take a step back to move forwards. So pack your bags, hit the beach, and do nothing.

When you return to your work, you’ll feel fresher and much eager to seize the day.

personal productivity vacation

Tip: Planning to go out of the country? Check out our post on the top co-working spaces in Asia to see where you can work while you play.

Beat the heat this summer with these tips and don’t forget to have fun! A positive mindset has the power to boost your motivation and your personal productivity.

How do you stay cool and productive during the summer? Feel free to use our comment section and share your thoughts with us.

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