Pinterest advertising can do wonders for your business and digital marketing.

Pinterest advertising lets entrepreneurs reach a wider audience, build their brand, and increase their sales and traffic. Unlike in other social media platforms, Pinterest ads don’t pop anytime and interrupt users. The ads, or popularly known as Promoted Pins, look exactly like organic pins.

Though natural-looking, they can reach over 175 million users. In fact, more than 75% of pins saved to Pinterest are Promoted Pins.

Pinterest Advertising tips

Getting started

Get a business account and pick a campaign

You can only promote pins from your profile, so you need a business account with posted content. A personal account has limited features and can’t give you access to advertising, Rich Pins, and Analytics.

Once your account is all set, you have to pick an ad campaign.

Pinterest offers three types of ad campaigns.

Engagement- This campaign encourages users to interact with your pin by repinning or clicking your promoted pins. You pay per engagement action.

Traffic- With traffic campaigns, you will pay per click. It directs users to your websites when they click your Promoted Pin.

Awareness- Awareness campaigns aim to expose your brand to a new audience. You will pay per 1,000 impressions when you use this campaign.

To select a campaign, simply click on the + button from your profile and select ‘Create Ad’. You can also go straight to

Pick and optimize a pin

After creating a campaign, Pinterest will show you a list of all your pins. Choose what you would like to promote. Here’s a tip, use the filters on the ‘Pick a Pin’ to see your most clicked and repinned pins. You can use the high-performing ones, and at the same time, this will give you an idea on what kind of content your audience wants.

After picking a pin, optimize it and add the necessary details. Choose your audience, link the content to your website, and enter the relevant topics and keywords. You can also select specific locations, languages, devices, and genders.


You need to enter your bid before the campaign kicks off. A bid is a maximum amount you want to pay for a click or engagement on Pinterest.

The platform uses a ‘second p rice auction model’, meaning you’ll only be charged what you needed to beat the next highestbidder. You won’t necessarily pay the full amount that you enter.

Pinterest Advertising options

Once you’re done, click ‘Next’ to send your Promoted Pin for review. It will take 24 hours for Pinterest to review your ad.


Pinterest’s conversion tracking lets you check your ad’s performance. You’ll be able to monitor page visits, sign-ups, repins, and purchases. With this feature, you can analyze your campaigns and adjust them if necessary.

To set it up, click on ‘Conversion tracking’, which is located under the Ads menu on your profile.

Tips on successful Pinterest advertising

1. Keyword tagging helps you reach users when they’re looking for something specific. For best results, include as many relevant keywords as possible.

2. Choose your best pin. Your promoted pin will somehow reflect your whole profile, and of course, your whole business. Make sure your pin aligns with your brand. Keep it beautiful, actionable, and ‘pinteresting’.

3. Be authentic. Be truthful and honest about the products you’re promoting. Be transparent with people about what they should expect with your products, services, and website. Disclose your billing practices and avoid making misleading or exaggerated claims.

4. Use a vertical aspect ratio. Pins are organized into columns, so vertical pins stand out more. The ideal aspect ratio for a pin is 2:3 (600px wide x 900px high).

5. Use Rich Pins. Rich Pins allow you to add more details about your pin, like pricing and product availability. Pins with valuable information tend to grab attention more.

6. Start your campaign with A/B testing. This will provide you insights on what your audience likes to see or not. It’s also best to use one pin per campaign.

7. Align your campaign with social events or holidays if you can. Users are more active during the holiday season like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, because they look for inspiration and gifts to buy. Create enticing pins for special holidays. You can also showcase your discounts and special offers.

8. If you have the budget, don’t be afraid to bid aggressively. This will give your ads the chance to appear often and reach a bigger audience.

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