We all know that consistency is the key to writing. But every now and then, a good writing hack can help even seasoned writers improve their craft.

So we compiled a list of awesome tips, tricks, and tools that writers can use to speed up their writing process.

Writing Hacks for Writers

  1. Write with your audience in mind.

Content writing is not about what you want to write. It’s all about what your audience wants to read. The question is how do you find out what your audience really wants?

Well, sometimes all you have to do is ask.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can give you valuable insights into content. Take a look at the trending topics and conversations and see which ones you can use.

You can even start a poll on your Facebook page to see what your audience feels about certain topics and include that in your write up.

Pro tip: Reddit is an awesome way to get a feel of what’s going on on any topic imaginable. In fact, Buzzfeed and CNN have taken into researching on Reddit for their hot topics and trends. Just make sure to verify the information you get since hoaxes also abound here.

  1. Use keywords when writing for the web.

Keywords are the core of your content.

It actually benefits you and your audience if you use your keywords properly. One, you get to help your audience learn, and it also helps you get the word about your products and services out there.

While there are paid tools you can use for choosing keywords, there are also free ones on the net.

Here are some quick and easy keyword research tools you can use on the net for free:

Pro tip: Keyword search results also make a great content writing hack. You can use the results of the keyword research to come up with new or related topics for your blog or content calendar.

  1. Use Google Drive Research Tool and Site Search function

Google Drive’s Research Tool is a brilliant resource that helps you create content and boost your brand authenticity.

You can do searches on your Google Drive without having to navigate away from your window. All you have to do is click ‘Tools’ in the menu bar, then select ‘Research’ from the drop down menu. This will keep your content in line with your brand and also cut down your research time dramatically.

Another awesome Google research hack you can use is the Site Search function.

To do this, type the word ‘site’ then a colon, and then the URL you want to search within.

For example, site:nextstephub.com entrepreneur

writing hacks google site search

Pro Tip: Every search engine produces different results. So don’t be scared to use different search engines. Some search engines also focus on specific niches like blogs, books, forums and games. Most engines also have advanced search options which you can use to get more specific results.

  1. Create catchy and awesome headlines.

Yes, content is king. But if your content is not getting to your audience, then you need to up the ante.

So how do you do that? You need to write eye-catching headlines.

Here are some online tools you can use to help you write the right headline title:

  • CoSchedule Headline Analyzer
  • Inbound Now Blog Title Generator
  • Impact Blog Title Generator
  • SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

Pro Tip: These websites also help train you to create titles with the tips they offer on their site. The results come up with graphs and notes that help you edit your title. They also have awesome blog posts that help you understand your audience’s needs based on your business model.

  1. Use online writing tools to improve your writing style.

Keeping them hooked on your material can be a challenge.

Nowadays people only scan articles and not read them. That’s why it’s important for you to stand out in the sea of information, keep your audiences entertained and educated.

Here are some tools you can use to help improve your writing.

Editing tools

  • Grammarly – great for editing spelling and grammar
  • Writefull: Checks your languages against commonly accepted constructions, also offers rephrasing suggestions
  • Wordcounter – see which words you overuse
  • ClicheFinder– helps you identify clichés in your write up
  • Hemmingway App – helps you check readability and reading time


  • Evernote – integrates well with other apps like WordPress and IFTT
  • OneNote – perfect for desktop us
  • app – private online notes


Do you have any research and writing hacks we may have missed?

Share them in the comment section below.