We often hear people say follow your passion, follow your dreams if you want to be a success. But really, what does it take to be successful in what you do? How to seal the deal ?

It takes a lot of discipline and resilience to be an entrepreneur, to make it on your own and share your passion with others while providing solutions to your client’s concerns. This week’s edition lets you in on trade secrets to help you hit your targets and achieve your business goals.

Seal the Deal with Discipline and Resilience 

Seal the Deal - Five Tips Tuesday

1. Must Read – Any change you want to happen begins with the way you think. See how realigning your vision and doing a reality check once in a while can help you get closer to your goals.

2. Apps – Manage your contacts, take care of appointments and even get a parking space with these helpful apps.

4. Workshop – Our friends from Totuba are conducting a series of sales workshops this Summer and Fall. Check out this article and see how investing in your team’s skills can lead to better business for you.

5. What to do – Feast your senses in Hollywood director Tim Burton’s Art exhibit while it’s still in town. Find out what to expect here.

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