Most people get into hobbies as a form of escape from their hectic nine-to-fives. From cooking to photography to gardening and adult coloring books, hobbies somehow bring balance to the otherwise repetitive and stressful pace of urban living.

Our founder Greg gets his fix from traveling places with his friends and loved ones. Getting on quick trips. Checking out great places through apps like Foursquare gives him a glimpse of how it is to live life as a local.

Read all about it here why he loves taking short weekend get-away.

“Short trips fit me well, I like to get a sneak peak of a place or a city, get the chance to go downtown and try out a few places (relying on my foursquare app). Since I am not a big fan of spending hours in Museum or trying to see absolutely everything and can get bored quite quickly. I need to be busy and on the move, always.

For sure I miss out on a lot of things. But a quick look allow me to get a sense of the place… And something tells me that I will have the chance to come back again. And at the end, it all comes down to the will. Squeezing short trip, weekend getaway, and visits are a matter of just going out of its routine, for full-time employees like me.

Next time I will be back to places such as Puerto Rico or Australia, or anywhere I already have been, I will just skip the “must-do”. And go straight for the out of the way spot. When I’ll go back to the South of Italy, I would rather get lost on the Amalfi coast with a Vespa scooter or go over to Calvi or Sicily.”

Why I Love Short Trips - GregWasThere

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