Time is such a valuable commodity for everyone, and choosing the right tasks to spend it on can be a challenging feat. Once you’ve used it up, you can never get it back. We all strive for balance between work, family and friends as well as having time for ourselves. But with all the seemingly important things we have lined up, which of it would you prioritize?

How to Spend time on what really matters to you by NextStep Hub

This week on Five Tips Tuesday, our priority is to help you find the time to spend on things that really matter to you. Rediscover your why from Kevin Kruse’s correspondence with a woman named Gussie Crittle. Learn how to manage how you respond to unfamiliar situations. Get the best tips you can get as a young entrepreneur. Traveling soon? See which of China’s two best cities would suit your tastes better. Learn how you could influence others with this New York best seller by Daniel Kahneman

1. Motivation – What pushes you to do what you do? Are you doing it for the glory or to change people’s lives? Serial entrepreneur Kevin Kruse writes about a curious letter he received, and how it changed his life and his perspective of what he does for a living. Read more about it here.

2. Management tips – Our brains are curious things, especially during uncertain times. While our usual response for the unfamiliar is a question of fight or flight, there is a better way to respond to uncomfortable changes that happen to us. Fast Company brings you ways on how you can take control of your reaction and responses with these quick tips.

3. Tips – So, you’ve decided to finally pursue your passion project and become an entrepreneur. But are you prepared to face the challenges ahead? Brothers Adam and Matthew Toren of Young Entrepreneur gives you three realistic tips on how to make your way up the success ladder.

4. Blog – Shanghai or Beijing, which would you prefer? Time Out Shanghai compares the pros and cons of experiencing both cities. If you’re deciding where to settle, this would be a perfect read for you. From sights to events and food scenes, we’ve got the ultimate list for you. Plus get insight of expats and locals and what they really think about these cities. Check it out here.

5. Book – Daniel Kahneman is a renowned psychologist and a Nobel Prize winner for Economics. In his New York bestseller, Thinking, Fast and Slow, he talks about the human mind and the two systems that drive how we think. Learn how you could control your instincts, emotions and how to make better decisions. Download your copy here.

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