To start the year right, we have to unlearn and relearn new habits.

The new year presents us with new opportunities to start over and reach new heights. It’s another chance to do things better and rediscover your passion and relaunch your career and your business.

In this week’s Five Tips Tuesday, we’ve prepared an awesome list to help you start the year right with a positive attitude and mindset.

Start The Year Right.1

Get inspired by a quick and effective pep talk on success from The Story of Telling.

Learn how you can be fiscally fit this year with tips from Financial Investigator, Pamela Yellen.

See how eating cake for breakfast can help you become more successful.

Create awesome content for your business with tips from CMI.

Check out new books to add to your shelves this year.

So, let’s go…


Success means different things to different people.

While challenges make success difficult to achieve, it doesn’t make it impossible to do.

Here’s a quick boost on how to achieve success this year from The Story of Telling.


Most business owners depend on banks to get continuous funding for their ventures. But what happens if the banks suddenly tighten their reins and limit the funds? Can your business survive with enough cash on hand to run independently?

Financial Investigator Pamela Yellen has investigated more than 450 financial strategies that helped her come up with an effective method of growing your wealth.

In this article from, she talks about how you can be more financially fit this new year.

Learn how you can grow your financial stability this year with these tips.


Did you know that eating cake for breakfast can help increase your mindfulness?

Beyond the Headline podcaster, Jenna Abdou says it’s one of her secrets to getting things done. Not only does it help you be more mindful, it also helps you be more grateful for what you have.

Check out more tips on how to be your most productive this 2018 here.


Want to revamp content for your website, blog, podcast, or social media channels?

Check out three awesome strategies you can use from Michelle Linn, former Head of Editorial for Content Marketing Institute.

Learn why quantity is as important as quality when it comes to creating content. Learn what aeration is, and how you can use original searches to increase opportunities for you and your brand.

See more AHA moments and how you can apply it to your content strategy this 2018.

Book List

In the past year, we have recommended the best books that would benefit entrepreneurs.

So we’ve compiled all of it in one list. From inspirational books to digital marketing and branding, you can check out a quick preview and decide which ones to add to your reading list this year.

Check out the complete list here.

How do you plan to start the year right and level up your career? Share it with us below.


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