Staying focused at work is a battle that everyone faces at this time of the year. It can be challenging to concentrate when the other part of your brain is already thinking about buying presents or attending parties.

To help you accomplish your tasks during this holiday season, here are some simple tips and tricks for staying focused at work.

staying focused at work tips

1. Plan ahead

List the things that you have to accomplish from December to January. Create specific tasks with deadlines so that you’ll be motivated to work on them.

Delegate the “To do lists” to your team before they go on leave so they can help you meet the deadlines. Through this, you can ensure the clients that their business is still up and running during and after the Christmas break.

2. Avoid multitasking

Multi-tasking makes you think that you’re being productive. But in reality, you’re achieving things with less efficiency.

One of the effective strategies in organizing your workload is to do it one thing at a time. Put them into chunks and shut out sidetracks while finishing them.

Make a separate timetable for your recreational activities within the day so you won’t compromise your work-life balance. This strategy will boost your energy and creativity as well.

3. Shop on weekends

Shopping on workdays, especially during lunch break or after your shift, is the perfect recipe for distraction.

Instead of staying focused on your work, you’re thinking about your shopping list, where to shop, and if you have enough time to do it.

But if you’re going to shop on weekends, you’ll be more relaxed. Since you’re not in the rush, you’ll have enough time to double check your list. You can assure that you bought everything you need.

Pro tip: Double your supply of holiday essentials, such as wrapping papers and greeting cards. This will save you from returning to the stores when you run out of them.

4. Don’t overcommit

Parties are everywhere at this time of the year. You might find yourself getting tons of invitation cards or messages.

There’s no need to say yes to all of these invitations. Choose the events that you really want to go. If you will decline politely, your friends and relatives will surely understand.

5. Turn up the music

It might be the perfect time to listen to your favorite Christmas tunes, but they aren’t guaranteed to improve your focus. Listening to music with lyrics can distract you, especially if you’re doing language-related tasks like writing or translating.

It’s best to play some classical or calming music. One study shows that classical music has a measurable impact on productivity.

Pro tip #2: Looking for the perfect music that can boost your focus? Try This app uses a combination of bimodal tones and music that resonates with your brain, which can promote focus and relaxation.
You can also check out our list of productivity tools that can help you manage and finish your tasks.

6. Remind yourself

The best way to stay motivated is to tell yourself to focus.

The trick is to remind yourself of the consequences if you won’t finish your tasks on time. What will happen if you will not meet the deadlines? Will it force you to cancel a vacation or miss your child’s Christmas musical in school?

Knowing the impact of your actions and how it will affect your future plans will surely push you to keep going.

7. Try online shopping

Online shopping can save you from crowded malls and exhaustion. Try to look at the popular e-commerce sites like Amazon and Taobao. You can find almost everything you need in these online shops without leaving your couch.

Also, most e-commerce stores have awesome deals and discounts during the holiday season.

But avoid doing this in the middle of your job or during your breaks. It’s best to dive into online shopping when you’re at home, so your productivity at work won’t suffer.

8. Take care of yourself

Your health is one of your valuable assets. Without it, you cannot keep up with your daily grind.

Watch your diet, exercise and get enough sleep. Learn to say no to extra work or invitations so that you have time to rest.


Everyone deserves a time off. And before you enjoy your much-awaited holiday break, it’s important to take care of your responsibilities first. This way, you can relax and have fun without thinking about your job. You can spend some quality time with your loved ones and welcome the upcoming year with a new set of goals.

Happy holidays!


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