Sze Kei, a production manager at Allure Systems, will be one of the speakers for the event. Together with other four panelists, she would share her experiences and inspire her fellow women experts in the digital field.

Allure Systems offers affordable and high-quality fashion visuals. With the help of their cutting-edge technology, brands can follow the latest fashion trends and produce compelling visual styles without spending a hefty amount of money.

Check out our interview Allure Systems’ greatest asset, Sze Kei.

Can you introduce yourself and your company?

sze kei allure systems

My name is Sze Kei. I’m a Gen Y, tech-savvy manager.

I’d managed a large number of web projects with tight deadlines in my previous job. Now, I’m leading the production team of Allure Systems in Shanghai towards a new industry in fashion e-commerce.

My company, Allure Systems, is the leader in scalable solutions for fashion image production.

Our patented solution virtualizes top models. This enables online fashion brands and retailers to produce fashion visuals without the need to hire models, photographers, and graphic artists.

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With our dynamic image technology, we allow our clients to increase their productivity.

Our clients are able to strategically generate images based on response rates. It gives them control over each variable and utilizes those that thrive on their audience and target different market segments.

We reduce production and management costs of our clients and improve e-commerce conversion rates.

Why have you chosen to become an entrepreneur?

The previous Production Managers of Allure System were specialized in 2D and 3D work creations. Unfortunately, they weren’t that experienced in management.

Gabrielle, the CEO of Allure Systems, realized that he needs a talent with management background – someone who can cultivate a positive work environment. He then chose me to be part of Allure Systems.

What are you bigger successes in your professional life? What are your biggest failures?

Being part of Allure Systems and being able to make a difference to an industry is one of the biggest success in my professional life.

Under my leadership, none of my team members has left the company because of stress. On the contrary, some of those who quit, came back to join us again. While the quality of our product has improved, our production efficiency has increased as well.

Is being a woman in a digital environment with a majority of men an advantage or not? If yes, how do you use it?

In my case, both the previous Production Manager and I are specialized in certain digital skills, yet I must say I lead better than him.

One main reason could be the fact that I pay more attention to details. I also have the ability to track, evaluate, and manage data. That’s why I can come up with creative decisions.

Furthermore, I enjoy inspiring and lifting those around me. I also like to cultivate innovation and initiative.

What advice would you give to those who want to launch a company in China?

Be aware of practices and cultures that are different from your own. Embrace the diversity and approach properly. Interact without judging, making assumptions, discriminating, or stereotyping.

What’s your advice for women to help them to succeed?

Adapt to succeed. Adapt to the new culture, new jobs, new market, everything.

What does it take to be a Superwoman in data? Why do you believe people see you as one?

Use data to make better decisions for your team or your company.

I utilized data to set feasible goals for my team members to boost productivity. Data helped me to communicate my demands and requests clearly and persuasively. It also allowed me to estimate delivery delays, review my team’s performance, and hire new people.

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