When was the last time you went on a great adventure and took the road less traveled?

This week, we explore the benefits of traveling and how it can do wonders for you.

Jeepney, Philippines

1. Inspiration — We all know that traveling is good for the body and soul, but do you know how it changes your brain? See how travel can help you be better at what you do.

3. Travel Gear — Try out these impossibly light, super comfy chukka from THE UT.LAB, a Shanghai-based footwear company with the fastest funded footwear on Kickstarter. Perfect for the long walks in the park, at the beach, or anywhere your feet might take you.

4.  Tips — If you’re planning to take a trip to Shanghai’s Disneyland this weekend, these tips might come in handy. Get to know where to eat, which rides to try and what to expect as you visit the newest attraction in town.

5. Bookings — Have you gone scuba diving in Moganshan? Do you want to go camping on the Great Wall of China? Check out these out-of-the-box trips from another Shanghai-based thrill seekers.Plan your next adventure with the guys from Travelers Society and get off the tourist trail.

Got more to add to our list? We’d love to hear from you!.

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