Effective team management skills are the key to level up your team members.

An effective manager has the power to inspire, motivate, and bring out the best from his members. He should also be a good example to his people and reflect the values of the company.

But managing a team with diverse personalities and talents is not easy. So this week on Five Tips Tuesday, we’ll give you effective tips that can hone your team management skills.

Check out how successful people spend their summer time.

Figure out why Jeff Bezos’ recent strategies can change the business world.

Learn why you should quit multitasking and start small instead.

Discover how a company with 400 remote workers managed to build a great work culture.

And last but not the least, check out how clutter can bring magic to your team and workplace.

team management tips


To most people, summer means taking a break from hustling. They hit the beach, party until dawn, or lay on the couch doing nothing.

But for successful people hustling never stops, even if you’re on the beach sipping on cocktails.

Here are some tips to steal to ensure you have a productive summer.


Jeff Bezos is one of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs. Being the founder and CEO of Amazon, his net worth is now $84.6 billion, just $5 million shy of Bill Gate’s worth.

When Amazon bought Whole Foods, the online retailer’s stocks skyrocketed. More than his interest in business, Bezos is known for his desire to advance human progress

See how Bezos can set the motion in redefining philanthropy.

Management Tips

Most entrepreneurs think that multitasking is the answer to make their business grow.

Truth is, it’s not. Juggling and doing everything all at once will only slow you down.

See how pursuing small, effective habits can help you and your business make money.

Learn more about it here.

Team management

Hiring remote workers has been a growing trend in the past decade.

While there are tools available to help make working together easier, the challenge for founders and team managers is successfully creating a positive working culture in the team.

Check out how a company with 400 remote workers built an effective and award-winning culture.


A clean desk and well-organized workflow often stimulate productivity. But for Tim Harford, mayhem and chaos can also create amazing results.

In his book, ‘Mayhem’ , Tim discusses how the disorder can fuel creativity, problem-solving, resilience, and much more.  A must read for all creatives, this book shows us how our inner clutter can have a positive effect on alertness and even make us more productive.

Get his book here.

Are there any team management tips you wish to add? Tell us in the comments.

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