Managing people can be tough, and it gets tougher if the people you manage are in different locations.

The number of freelancers working all over the world is growing steadily, and access to these talents is as easy as a job post in platforms like Upwork and Guru. Different apps and tools also help in keeping the communication open. File sharing apps, project management tools and time trackers enable managers to keep track of their remote staff’s progress.There are a lot of opinions about how truly effective remote teams are, but with the right team, process and tools, it definitely gets you the results you need. The key is to select the right people for the right job, and communicating with them effectively to work towards your goals and targets.

Managing people

The art of delegation takes a lot of self-analysis to work. You would need to know the scope to be done, understand which areas you are good at and decide what tasks you need to outsource for your business’ benefit. Knowing what kind of talent you need to get to make things work is also a factor to consider, and bringing these individuals together to form a team can also be quite challenging. Good thing though, that project management apps like Trello exists, which makes it easier to track and organize your ideas and your assigned work.

The Art of Delegation: How to Manage Freelancers with Trello

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