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They say that if you want something done right, do it yourself. But does this statement always hold true? Not all the time. Sometimes to get the best results, you have to learn to trust other people to handle some of your tasks for you. For entrepreneurs, working with freelancers can be a lifesaver. With the right talent, you can rest easy knowing that the job gets done. This frees up their otherwise flocked schedules to focus on the necessary things they need to do themselves, like run their business.

The art of delegation takes a lot of self-analysis to work. You would need to know the scope to be done, understand which areas you are good at and decide what tasks you need to outsource for your business’ benefit. Knowing what kind of talent you need to get to make things work is also a factor to consider, and bringing these individuals together to form a team can also be quite challenging. Good thing though, that project management apps like Trello exists, which makes it easier to track and organize your ideas and your assigned work.

Join NextStep Founder and Serial Entrepreneur, Greg Prudhommeaux in a two-session workshop as he talks about the valuable lessons he learned in setting up projects, finding the right talents online, and managing his team with the help of Trello.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to identify tasks you can do and tasks you need to delegate
  • Know where and how to find the right talent/s for your team
  • Understand the key features of project management apps like Trello and maximize it for your project’s benefit
  • Learn how to motivate talents to boost their skills and productivity

*For your convenience, we’ve added a second session after work hours, at 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. Please see tickets for details.

About Greg

Greg Prudhommeaux, Serial Entrepreneur and Founder at NextStep Workshops

Greg Prudhommeaux came to China filled with curiosity and the desire to learn more about the country, its culture, and its people. After moving to China in 2005 and setting up a partnership with a local consultation firm, he quickly realized the importance of Guanxi which is a system of social networks and influential relationships that facilitate business and other dealings in China. Having very minimal connections, he reached out to his friends and found out that they were also experiencing the same challenges in setting up their businesses. So in 2007, in collaboration with Joe Constanty, Greg set up the workings for NextStep. It was a platform where local and foreign businessmen, investors, and entrepreneurs can introduce themselves and connect with like-minded individuals. NextStep was a revolutionary concept, one of the first of its kind in 2007. In three years, they were able to connect people and help establish a community of professionals in Shanghai through over 300 organized events.

After the success of NextStep, Greg joined ALTIOS International in 2010, a leading French firm in Outbound and Inbound projects that helped over 100 companies per year with their expansion in China. While working with different companies with different needs, Greg understood how important it is for individuals to pursue continuous learning, to help them better handle their affairs. His curiosity about business and its dealing got the best of him since he didn’t go to any business school. This inspired him to relaunch NextStep, where he could search for interesting topics catered to professionals, find experts in the specified topics, and learn together with those who share the same curiosity.

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Details about the Workshop:

Olabs Business Center

Date: September 22, 2016


Morning Session – 9:00 AM to 12 PM

After work session – 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Pricing: 280 RMB (Early Bird Rate) 350 RMB (Regular Rate)

For any questions, contact Greg by WeChat, ID: Greg_Prudhommeaux

Address :

Olabs – 11F, No.189 Puan Road near Taicang Lu, Huangpu District Shanghai China 200021


Metro :

Line 1: Huangpi South Road

Line 8 / 10: LaoXimen




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