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An internship is more than just photocopies and coffee cups. Internship programs help future professionals gain valuable experience and practical know-hows in their chosen industries. Companies also get the chance to showcase their products, services as well as their company’s values and culture to these young hopefuls. Internship programs also provide learning and mentoring opportunities for current employees and a pool of potential talents which can, later on, turn into your company’s future assets.

In this edition of Five Tips Tuesday, we explore the unlimited potential of internships and how internship programs help lead these hopefuls to their passions and dream jobs. Let’s not forget that experts were also once beginners in their fields.

1. Human Resources — Designing internship programs to help interns be more productive can be fun too. One way to create a great program is to think of interns as possible recruits for your company who already understands the process and quirks of your team. See what things you need to consider here.

2. Inspiration — Grace Moon tells the story of how she created her own opportunities and experiences despite feeling the pressure of getting into the best internship programs. Through creativity and keen observation, she was able to set herself apart and pave her own way by turning her hobbies into desirable skills she can use in her resume. See how she did it here.

3. Tips — Emily Miethner is the CEO and Founder of FindSpark and MCG Social. She is also a Keynote Speaker, a Social Media and Millenial Expert, a Professor and a Diversity Champion and she owes it all to the lessons she learned while trying to find her dream job and taking on 9 different internships. Here’s a list of her takeaways and how you can use your experiences as stepping stones to help you get your dream job. Read on here.

4. Books — Here’s a list of books that you can read to help prepare you for internship, from getting people to like you to how eccentricities can make you stand out in the crowd. Add these to your must read list now! Check it here.

5. Apps—Things can be overwhelming especially for interns who study and work at the same time. Term papers and deadlines can get even the most organized student out of track, so here’s a list of apps that can help you stay on top of every task you need to do. Check out the list here.

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