I’m not an organized person.

My desk is usually a mess, my head’s full of clutter, and I usually forget things I need to do.

Some say most creatives are like that. The downside is it’s difficult for me to focus and get things done. Things changed when I was working on a project that tested my organizational skills.

Sure enough, I failed. Since then I realized I needed to adapt a strategy to help me be more efficient at work and get more things done.

I’ve always wondered how others can do more and be more with just the same hours. It’s amazing to me how successful people are able to do things without having a strand of hair out of place.

I used to think that I just didn’t have it in me to do what they can.I thought to myself, maybe I wasn’t talented or smart enough to be like them.

But then I stumbled upon Getting Things Done®. It’s a productivity method that aims to help people work more efficiently and take control of their time.

The idea is quite straightforward. The goal is to clear your mind of the things you need to get done so you could act on it. Here’s a quick video of what it’s all about from the guys at Lifehack.

GTD, as it is often called has five pillars.

First is to capture your ideas. Next is to clarify what you need to do.

Then, you need to organize your list, reflect on how you’re going to it then engage and decide which one to do first.

The process might look tedious. You might also think that you must need a lot of stuff like filing cabinets or labels, but it’s not like that.

What’s great about it is you can adapt the method to what’s comfortable for you.

Look at it this way, if you already have a to-do-list app or calendar installed on your phone, then that’s good to go. You can also go old school and use the pen and paper method (works just fine for me).

I know I’m still a work in progress, but adapting this method changed the way I do things. Because of it, I am now able to manage multiple projects and spend time doing things I love to do, like baking.

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