Are you looking for the top WeChat official accounts to follow?

WeChat is extremely popular in China and a big part of every company’s marketing game. There are 10 million official accounts to date.

Top WeChat Official Accounts to follow

There are three types of WeChat official accounts.

A subscription account works best for brands that are focused on creating content, such as bloggers and magazines. It allows you to post one content a day, which will appear in your followers’ Subscription Folder.

A WeChat service account is focused on customer service support and sales. Verified service accounts are open to apply for WeChat Pay functions and WeChat store. Unlike the subscription account, your published content will appear in your followers’ chat lists. You are allowed to publish only four times a month.

Meanwhile, an enterprise account is specifically made for internal company use. These accounts aren’t visible to the consumers. This is ideal for employers to share memos and manage tasks.

WeChat users can follow the official accounts through several ways.

Most users find official accounts through WeChat moments, the counterpart of the Facebook timeline. When they click on the published content, they can access the official account by tapping the name on top of the article.

They can also scan a company’s QR code, which is linked to an official account. QR codes are popular in China and often used to access content and exclusive offers.

WeChat users can also use the app’s search tool to look for official accounts. Another easy way to follow an account is by clicking the follow button on WeChat Ads.

Here are the top WeChat official accounts you can follow.

top wechat official accounts iMandarinWeChat ID: imandarin

iMandarin is a language training institute. It provides customized Mandarin training plans, language training, and elite training to individuals and enterprises.

iMandarin’s WeChat official account features lessons on learning Mandarin. On Mondays, they have #MandarinToGoMonday, which aims to provide quick yet useful Mandarin lessons. The program targets their followers who don’t want to sit in the classroom for hours.

Aside from free lessons, they also give sweet deals to cool events. Last year, iMandarin gave away 99 tickets to the first 99 followers who shared their posts on WeChat moments. Winners got free access to Shanghai’s biggest beer festival.  

That’s Shanghai

top wechat official accounts That's ShanghaiWeChat ID: Thats_Shanghai

That’s Shanghai is a popular and useful magazine about Shanghai. They feature various articles about entertainment, lifestyle, events, and even bars and restaurants.

Their mini app ‘That’s Mini’ has a list of great restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels that you can check out. The app also provides the contact information of these establishments, making them easier to find.

In addition, they also inform their followers about the latest promos, like bars offering summer happy hours or restaurants with family day discounts.

China Wire

top wechat official accounts China WireWeChat ID: ChinaWire

China Wire is one of the largest English WeChat official accounts with over 150k subscribers. They post articles related to Chinese culture, food, news, and entertainment. They also have a section called ‘Survival Mandarin’, where they help foreigners improve their Chinese skills.

Guide in China

top wechat official accounts Guide in ChinaWeChat ID: GuideinChina

Guide in China posts valuable content that will guide you in exploring China. They offer pro-tips about commuting, Chinese apps, jobs, and medical care.

They have a regular segment called ‘Hot Job of the Day’, where they post about the recent job vacancies in China. If an offer catches your eye, you just need to scan the QR code to apply for the job.

Niubi Panda

top wechat official accounts Niubi PandaWeChat ID: niubipanda

Niubi Panda offers entertaining coverage of everything related to China. They feature global news as well. Their articles have Chinese translations, which makes it easier to share with your local friends.

Expats Express

top wechat official accounts Expats ExpressWeChat ID: ExpatExpress

Expat Express is a groundbreaking mobile app that can connect you with tons of employers in China. They provide daily updates on job vacancies in the country.

Last year, Expat Express became a part of the first paperless foreign job fair in China. Interested applicants only had to scan the QR code to register. By connecting their LinkedIn profile to their WeChat accounts, they were able to choose a company and book an interview.


top wechat official accounts NextStepWeChat ID: NextStep

NextStep aims to help entrepreneurs in Asia. On Tuesdays, they give tutorials, tips, and valuable information to their subscribers. They also provide workshops, conferences, consulting, and content marketing.

China Channel

top wechat official accounts China ChannelWeChat ID: China-Channel

China Channel centers on WeChat related news and information. They help the non-Chinese organization make sense of WeChat through training and consultation.

Matthew Brennan, the co-founder of China Channel, is a well-known speaker and writer about WeChat. If you need to keep up with the app and its features, follow this official account.

Networking Matters

top wechat official accounts Networking MattersWeChat ID: NetworkingMatters

Networking Matters provides lists of events for business and startup owners who wish to connect. By scanning a QR code, you’ll get a detailed information about a summit/event and book a spot as well.

The Beijinger

top wechat official accounts The BeijingerWeChat ID: theBeijinger

If you’re new in Beijing and find the city a bit overwhelming, this is the account you need to follow. They give lists of the best hotels, bars, and restaurants you can try. They also give updates on awesome events, like the upcoming 2017 Pizza Festival. You can reserve tickets by simply scanning the QR code in their official account.

Do you follow any of these top WeChat official accounts? What’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments.


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