How do you know if it’s worth following your passion?

Ever since the increase in entrepreneurs over the past decade, people have become inspired to venture into their interests and pursue what they believe will make them happy.

But how do you know if your passion will create enough opportunity for you to make it your primary source of income?

Turn your passion into profit

In this week’s Five Tips Tuesday, our aim is to help you decide which of your passions to pursue.

We give you tips to determine which ideas are worth exploring, what you need to do to start your business idea without having to leave your day job, apps that help you create better habits, inspiration on how to follow your passions, and a list of books you’ll need to read to prepare you for the journey.

1. Inspiration – Somehow the academia teaches us to follow a path that will make us more money out of necessity. But this blogger begs to differ. According to Nimita Bhatt, working for money might seem like a good motivator to stick to a career, but it’s our passion that puts meaning into our lives and makes us happy.

2. ArticleMichael Glauser writes about the formula of determining if your idea is a viable opportunity in his article for Here he talks about criteria that you can use to evaluate your idea’s viability and what you need to consider before launching your passion project.

3. Apps – Becoming an entrepreneur requires much discipline and determination to make your project a success. Here’s a list of apps to pinpoint your strengths and work on your weaknesses and prepare you for entrepreneurship.

4. Infographic – Most new businesses fail because of some bad decisions that entrepreneurs make along the way. Now here comes Ryan Robinson with a step-by-step guide on how to avoid failing your passion project. See his tips here.

5. Books George Lovegrove is offering entrepreneurs everywhere a great shortcut to a list of books that you will need to read to prepare you for each stage of a startup. From idea generation, business management, leadership and investment, he shares all his must reads that you must add to your reading list.

Got more to add to our list? We’d love to hear from you!.

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