Creating unique content for a website can be tricky. You can always create original posts based on your ideas, but it’s a bit difficult to come up with fresh concepts.

While there’s no such thing as an original idea nowadays, you can always go for authenticity. That is why sharing your experiences with your audience is much more important.

This week on Five Tips Tuesday, we explore the concept of originality in content marketing.


Learn how to come up with bright ideas for blog posts through sharing the lessons you’ve learned.

Check out Youtube hacks that can increase your audience reach.

Get actionable tips on how to work with key influencers. Find the right color for branding and check out a book that celebrates misfits, wayfarers, and creatives.

1. Article

Sonia Simone, co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Rainmaker Digital, is an expert when it comes to creating content for websites and blogs.

As a content marketer, she understands the need for originality in content. The question is, do you have to be a ‘thought leader’ to be deemed original?

In this article, Simone talks about why there is a need for content writers, marketers, and brands to veer away from the term ‘thought leader’ and strive to be influencers instead.

She shares why authenticity and sharing your experiences matter more than coming up with a brand new concept.

Check it out here. 

2. Blog

Video content is among the trends to watch out for this 2017 according to experts.

Today, Youtube still tops the bill when it comes to video platforms. From cooking, video games and even product reviews, Youtube has been the go-to platform for anyone wanting to learn something new or just to entertain themselves.

If you’re a brand who is setting up your own channel or a blogger looking to increase your reach, check out these tips from Learn how to boost engagement, share and collaborate playlists and even grow your audience through SEO.

Get access to Youtube hacks here.

3. Tips

Working with online influencers can be a great strategy in growing your brand’s reach. But sometimes, getting the right influencer can get a bit difficult.

Top Rank Blog makes it easier for marketers and influencers to work together in this actionable tips. Here they discuss how to choose which influencers align to your brand’s values as well as strategies that encourage collaboration and sharing of best practices.

Read more here.

4. Infographic

Having a hard time choosing your logo’s colors?

HubSpot lets you decide which colors suit your brand best the fun way. Learn all about the psychology of color and how it can help you catch your target audience’s attention.

Take the color test here.

5. Book

Everyone wants to stand out. That’s the whole point of marketing: to tell the world what makes you and your brand unique.

But in a world where everything has already been thought of, how will you get noticed?

Adam Grant’s book, Originals, talks about how non-conformists, misfits, creatives and rebels rule the world. In this book, you will learn how a different world-view can change your problem solving skills. Learn how statistics, stories, and studies from different fields can affect your perspective. And most of all, see tips on how you can win people’s attention and trust.

Get it on Amazon here.

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