WeChat has become an efficient marketing tool for businesses in China. Because of the app’s awesome features, WeChat advertising is now a must for brands.

Today we’ll give you WeChat advertising tips that can give your company a sharp competitive edge.

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But first, why do you have to use WeChat for your business?

1. WeChat has 889 million monthly active users in China and lets you reach a vast audience at any time of the day.

wechat advertising tips key statistics2. With an Official WeChat account, it’s easier to communicate with your audience. The more your customers know about your product, the more they’ll trust you and your company.

3. Purchasing online is easier on WeChat. 44.5% of its users claimed that they prefer using cashless transactions. Customers can link their profiles to their credit cards or bank accounts. This makes online payments convenient and fast. It’s beneficial to businesses, especially to e-commerce.

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There are two types of WeChat advertising you should know about. 

WeChat Moments Advertising – Ads appear on your audience’s Moments feed. It lets you reach your customer’s timeline and connect with them. This works best for well-known brands and companies with visually attractive products. The minimal entry price for Moments Ad (both foreign and Chinese companies) is 50,000 RMB.

WeChat Banner Advertising – This is like the ad banners that you see on websites. It appears below the WeChat article and contains the logo of your company and account name. When clicked, it will take the user to another page which contains more information about your product. The minimal entry price for Banner Ads (both foreign and Chinese companies) is 50,000 RMB.

Tips for Effective WeChat Advertising

1. Socialize with your customers. Group chats are ideal for startups who want to convert their new users to loyal ones. You can add them to a chat group and interact with them often. Here, you’ll have the chance to directly attend to their concerns and answer their questions. This strengthens the business-customer relationship and can give your company a good reputation.

2. Give incentives.Give your followers a gift that satisfies their likes and needs such as prizes or special discounts.

3. Establish a strong content strategy for WeChat. Once people follow your account, they become part of your network. Use this opportunity to keep your customers by giving them content with value. Videos, photos, and audio messages are perfect to use. Also, your content will be more effective if it’s translated to your audience’s language. This makes your posts more personal.

4. Use interactive content. A good example is McDonald’s. The giant brand once sponsored a contest asking users to record a “Big Mac Rap”. Customers participated because it was fun and free.

5. Be innovative. Everything is possible on WeChat. You can develop special apps for your brand and customers, even mini games. Since most WeChat users are millennials, these kinds of cool features appeal to them.

6. WeChat Shake. The “Shake” feature is a useful tool for promotion. When users shake their phones with their Bluetooth on, nearby promotion ads will appear on user’s WeChat. It can be coupons, discounts, or anything else. Papa John’s in Beijing is one of the many brands who adapted the Shake strategy. Customers found 30% off discount coupon after shaking their phones. Also. They were sent to the official website of Papa John’s, where they learned more about the restaurant’s new items and information.

7. Make your digital campaigns personal. Customers are more likely to take part in your campaign when it strikes a chord. For example, during the “Chinese New Year Shake”, WeChat encouraged the users to upload a family picture. Since taking family photos is traditional during the New Year, over 40 million of photos were uploaded within 40 minutes.

8. Use QR Codes.Scanning QR codes are mainstream in China. Most brands put their codes on their products. When their customers scan it, they become a follower of the brand’s WeChat account.

9. Have a dedicated team member that can track the ads and adjust them if they don’t perform well.

In conclusion, the success of your ads depends on how you connect to your customers. Your familiarity with their needs matters as well. When you know your customers, your strategies will meet their interests, which can make marketing more effective. And lastly, the quality of your content should not be overlooked. What you share with your customers mirrors your company and its values.

Are there any WeChat advertising tips you want to add? Share it with us.

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